nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0 launched

nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0 gets better with new features, commands and improved performance

nanoCAD 3DScan is designed to work with 3D scanning data, primarily 3D laser scanning data (LIDAR). The highly anticipated 2.0 version is finally here! 
nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0 is based on the nanoCAD Plus version 20.1 which means that it automatically receives all of its features.It became even more precise with the recognition process with which you can now easily exclude points such as noise or man-made objects.

Overview of new commands and improvements of nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0:
  • automatic recognition of ground surface has been significantly improved
  • possibility to classify vegetation and objects at a given distance from the ground (or any other surface);
  • filtration Based on Source Classes in the “Create TIN” Command
  • support of WGS84 coordinate system;
  • new command Classification by Class added;
  • Compare Point Clouds command updated;
For the full list of changes in nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0, be sure to read What’s new and press release.
nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0 is available as of today. All nanoCAD 3DScan subscribers can download the new nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0. You will need a new serial number, which you can get through your personal account. Current subscription terms apply.

Yours truly,
Team nanoCAD
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