nanoCAD 22 launched
April 25, 2022

Nanosoft, nanoCAD software vendor, announces the release of nanoCAD 22 – an updated version of nanoCAD platform and its specialized modules.

The recent release of nanoCAD 21 was a big step for Nanosoft and its community, but it is time to prove the brand is ready to face the challenges of 2022. With the help of valuable feedback from our users and beta testers, the development team has fixed all the bugs, increased productivity, improved commands and prepared an upgrade we are ready to present to the public in the newest version of nanoCAD 22 platform.

What's new in nanoCAD 22:
  • Floating document windows
  • Optimized performance on 4K screens
  • Faster file opening
  • 3D snaps for solid objects
  • Associative Arrays By Path
  • Bounding Prism interface redesigned
  • Drawing Explorer redesigned
  • Updated Spell Check toolbar
  • Purge Document command is purging a Sort Table
  • Big improvements in Point Clouds - new point cloud formats, geotagging, point clouds data recalculation, and API

Learn more about all the improvements of nanoCAD Platform in the What’s New section.

New functionality was also introduced to the professional modules. Users will see the updates in 3D Solid Modeling, Construction, Mechanica and Topoplan modules.

New in the 3D Solid Modeling Module:
  • 3D Block Editor
  • Section of 3D Objects command
  • Direct Insertion of 2D views into Layouts
  • Automatic constraints in Sketch mode

Learn more about all the improvements of the 3D Modeling module in the What’s New in nanoCAD 3D Solid Modeling 22 section.

New in the Topoplan Module:
  • Specialized tools for splitting a drawing into sheets for printing
  • Creating a Slope
  • Improved import of geopoints
  • New commands for Meshes
  • Measurements Archive
  • Lots of updated commands and improvements

Learn more about all the improvements of the Topoplan module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Topoplan 22 section.

New in the Mechanica Module:
  • Broken-out section views
  • New features for working with Sheet bodies
  • Fasteners’ properties changed
  • New Materials in the Database

Learn more about all the improvements of the Mechanica module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Mechanica 22 section.

New in the Construction Module:
  • New Features of Fasteners

Learn more about the improvements of the Construction module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Construction 22 section.

For more information read the press release.


As of today, nanoCAD 22 can be purchased online. You are also able to download a trial version on our website.
All nanoCAD users with valid paid subscriptions are eligible for a free upgrade to nanoCAD 22. Log in to your personal account to download nanoCAD 22 and get a new serial number. Current subscription terms apply.
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