nanoCAD 21 launches as an all-new CAD platform
October 20, 2021

Nanosoft is proud to announce the release of nanoCAD 21 – a fully reengineered version of all nanoCAD.

nanoCAD 21 is a fully fledged engineering ecosystem – an expandable solution. 

nanoCAD 21 consists of a CAD platform and 5 optional modules, tailored to specific needs:

  • 3D module extends the nanoCAD platform with direct and parametric 3D solid modeling;

  • Mechanica module supplies an array of mechanical drawing and engineering calculation utilities coupled with a vast library of standard and user-defined parts;

  • Construction module handles AEC drafting utilities and a library of standard parametric elements;

  • Raster module is an entirely new to nanoCAD. It provides tools that import, correct, and vectorize raster images;

  • Topoplan module is utilized for digital terrain modeling.

It is an all-in-one product, you should download it once and purchase license for any configuration.

Company website was completely redesigned to fit the new product family. Visit it to explore tremendous changes in nanoCAD. You will be excited - guaranteed. Don’t forget to review the full list of changes, be sure to read the “What’s New” section of the nanoCAD 21 Platform and its modules.

Read the full press release.


As of today, nanoCAD 21 can be purchased online. It is very easy to purchase or renew an existing license with a completely redesigned marketplace with a new payment system that accepts most credit cards and online payment solutions.

We keep product names as names of bundled solutions – nanoCAD Pro, nanoCAD Construction, nanoCAD Mechanica, while nanoCAD Plus is a nanoCAD 21 without modules.

All nanoCAD product subscribers are eligible for free updates to nanoCAD 21. Login into your personal account to get a new serial number and to download nanoCAD 21. Current subscription terms apply.

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