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nanoCAD Pro

What's new in nanoCAD Pro 10

Key features of nanoCAD Pro 10 are: 
  • updated 3D module with 2D constraints
  • new interface style
  • support for DWG2018 file format
  • increased productivity
  • audit standards
  • enhanced plot and much more.
nanoCAD visual graphic system that is responsible for rendering 2D and 3D-graphics, has been updated to support the Microsoft DirectX 10 technology. This accelerates the processing time of drawings with large amount of text objects, hatches, blocks and other complex primitives, and reduces the size of memory used.
nanoCAD Pro 10 works directly with the latest version of DWG format. nanoCAD opens and saves drawing files without breaking their internal structure. This ensures the integrity of the built-in DWG format labels which can carry such characteristics as educational version watermark, for example.
A new ribbon-style interface provides modern ways of interaction with application:

Instant switch between classic and ribbon interface by “Ribbon” button makes work very comfortable:

The ribbon structure was initially designed taking into account the ergonomics of the designer, but it does not limit the user in the possibilities of customizing their workspaces. In addition, a powerful mechanism of managing the ribbon interface allows you to instantly switch between different pre-installed workspaces without restarting the program.
Modified Dark Interface style with new icons:
Semi-transparent interactive tools placed in a drawing working area designed to manage views and visual styles.
The “Locator” element intents for convenient navigation in a three-dimensional space: rapid dynamic change of orthogonal, isometric, combined and free views. Its orange-dot marker shows current view orientation:

Manage Views
“Manage Views” tool serves for changing views and visual styles of viewport:
Hide elements:
nanoCAD Plus 10 can check drawings for standards compliance and fix found violations. STANDARDS command allows to audit drawings to custom standards. Add DWS (Drawing Standard) file or create custom standard to get notification about non-standard elements while opening, saving, printing drawing file. There are a number of notification mechanisms that alerts user about violations of standards while opening, saving, printing drawing file. It is possible to fix any violation or stay it intact.
Information on each standard violation that has been found, but not fixed, is stored in a drawing. It is possible to disable alerts on such ignored objects in subsequent checks of the drawing. Violations audit can be performed manually and automatically, for example during drawing export, save and print operations.
From now on, only the modified DWG data is sent to the file during background autosave, that significantly reduce the time of this operation even on rich documents.
  • In addition to its own leader objects, nanoCAD Pro can create and edit multileader objects, manage multileader styles. New MULTILEADER command creates and edits a multileader object, sets its styles.
  • Native DWG-tables creating and editing without conversion to nanoCAD-table is available. “.dwg Table” tool allows creating and editing native dwg-tables without conversion to nanoCAD-table. It sets table styles, converts nanoCAD tables to .dwg ones.
  • 3D-polyline creation and editing. 
  • A new Region command creates an object of a “region” type from 2D objects that form closed area. 
  • The “Stretch” command use pre-selected vertices that makes working with the command more convenient.
Dynamic block processing was improved: nanoCAD Pro 10 completely supports property tables, insertion point management, dynamic blocks parameters correct processing. This ensures that most objects of this type are functioning correctly.
The layers got the “Transparency” property. All objects with “By layer” transparency value will inherit the transparency from the layer that belongs to.
Now it is possible to import WMF and EMF formats, as well as DGN – 2D/3D-format used by the Bentley Systems MicroStation software.
The next stage of program optimization was performed in this version of nanoCAD Pro. The common list of realized wishes, corrected errors and the taken into account notes exceeded seven hundred items.
However, beginning with the 10th version, nanoCAD Pro stops supporting Windows XP due to the need to speed up graphics and overall increase the stability of the program.
Most of 3D commands and 2D constraint features of nanoCAD Pro with ACIS 3D kernel were Improved. They are more stable and efficient compare to previous version,