nanoCAD is created by Nanosoft, a rapidly growing and ambitious international CAD developer and service provider based in Moscow, Russia. Since nanoCAD first shipped in 2008, we have earned the trust of well over 200,000 users.
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About Nanosoft

We are CAD people, with deep experience and expertise in the market. We believe that professional quality CAD should be affordable, accessible, and available to everyone. Read more

Our vision

We are developing a remarkable CAD system that provides great value to our customers. We distribute nanoCAD for free because we believe doing so will pay-off, both for our customers, and for us. Read more

Contact us

Whether you are a curious user or potential partner interested in cooperation, you are more than welcome to contact us.

nanoStore is open

We open our nanoStore to sell new and advanced CAD products online. Starting with nanoCAD Plus annual subscription we will continue to deliver affordable and state-of-the-art CAD solutions for professionals and home users.
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