nanoCAD Topoplan Module. Data source and creating surfaces

Creating geopoints from point clouds

Sequence of operations

1. To import scan data, click the Point Clouds tab.
Run Import Point Cloud:
Point CloudImport

Confirm the use of the visual 3D style to correctly display the three-dimensional graphics of the point cloud:


Next, specify the path to the source file, input_VLC.las, and click Open

2. Configure import options.
In the Import dialog box, check the drawing units and point clouds (for the cloud to load at a scale of 1:1).


Start importing the point cloud by clicking OK.

Attention! To reduce the load of data in case of redundancy in the import window, it is recommended to use the Interval mode, where you can specify the filtering value of the source point cloud. For example, if you specify 5, every fifth cloud point is loaded.

3. Point cloud load result:

4. Save the import results to the drawing (SAVE command or Save button):


To do the following, open the Topoplan ribbon tab.

5. Creating GeoPoints
Run Create TINExplode the Cloud into Points

In the Properties window, you must specify the command parameters:


Result type. There may be 2 options - points and geo-points. Set the geo-reference parameter (coordinate geometry points that may contain additional attributes and label and marker display styles).

The Delete Source option is responsible for saving the source cloud to the drawing. Set to Yes (which means that the point cloud will be removed from the drawing after the command is run).

In the imported point cloud, you can define the classes of Earth, High, Low, and Medium vegetation, and so on. But you only need Earth-class points to build a surface. In this case, you must use the Select Class option and set it to 2 - Earth (code 2).

On the Apply Settings prompt, specify Yes.

6. Point Cloud Breakdown Result:


By default, the resulting points are placed on layer "0." For a more convenient and understandable distribution of drawing objects in the layer list, we create another one - Geopoints and move the created geopoints to it.

   7. Save the drawing with the results.

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