Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Pro 20

nanoCAD Pro 20 gets better with 3D constraints, direct modeling, dynamic UCS

For this year's release of nanoCAD Pro, we implemented dozens of new commands and features to make our professional-level 2D/3D CAD system more powerful. We added important functions in the areas of 3D modeling, 2D drafting, the user interface, and customization.

You will find the most significant new features in 3D modeling:

  • 3D Constraints -- for constraining and positioning 3D parts, and viewing them in the history tree; this lets you create assemblies
  • Direct Modeling -- for pushing and pulling planes interactively; this lets you quickly create industrial designs
  • Dynamic UCS -- for drawing on any flat plane in 3D space; as you pass the cursor over solids and point clouds, nanoCAD Pro 20 highlights each surface and automatically adjusts the UCS so that you can draw on it effortlessly
  • Bounding Prism -- for clipping 3D models; this lets you see the insides of buildings and mechanical parts
  • Edit Transparent 3D Objects -- for editing 3D objects in-context; this lets you move and rotate a 3D object while being able to see the ones behind it

Here are some of the improvements we made to 2D drafting:

  • Drawing Comparison -- for clearly finding differences between two similar-looking drawings; this means you see red entities that are unique to one drawing, green ones to another, and gray entities in common
  • Extended Grips Editing -- for directly editing arcs, lines, polylines, and so on; this lets you edit 2D entities without entering any commands
  • Grayscale Preview -- for seeing print previews when plotting to monochrome printers; this lets you see how drawings made with colors will appear in grayscale before being printed
  • Search SHX in PDFs -- for exporting SHX text to PDF files as comments; this lets you search and edit SHX text in PDF files as comment fields, which normally are unsearchable and uneditable

We worked at making the user interface more convenient for you:

  • Brand-new Welcome Screen -- for accessing recently-opened files, as well as getting add-ons for nanoCAD Pro and learning details on what’s-new; you quickly access it again as the screen remains open in the background
  • Undo/Redo Revolution -- for previewing changes to be made by the Undo and Redo commands; you can now undo after the drawing has been saved
  • Expanded Dynamic Input -- for entering options of the current command right at the cursor; this lets you keep your attention where you are drawing
  • External References Notification -- for being alerted when other users modify attached drawing files; you can reload the xref to see the newest revision

We've made a whole lot of improvements in the way you customize nanoCAD Pro 20:

  • Command Customization -- for modifying the user interface, such as the ribbon and toolbars; you can create your own commands by writing LISP expressions attached to icons that you design
  • Built-in Script Editor -- for writing and editing code that automates drawing and editing tasks; it supports LISP, VBA/ActiveX, DCL (for dialog boxes), and JavaScript with indents and color coding
  • System Variable Monitor -- for more easily seeing which variables are changed; you can pin variables you change a lot to the top of the list

For the full list of changes in nanoCAD Pro 20, be sure to read the complete What’s-new documentation. Read the full press release. For a video overview of many of the new features, check out nanoCAD PRO introducing video on our YouTube channel.

nanoCAD Pro 20 is available as of today. All nanoCAD Pro subscribers can download the new nanoCAD Pro 20. You will need a new serial number, which you can get through your personal account. Current subscription terms apply.

Yours truly,
Team nanoCAD

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