nanoCAD 23 launched
April 26, 2023

Nanosoft AS introduces nanoCAD 23 — the latest edition of the nanoCAD platform with its 5 specialized modules built to elevate your design projects.

The nanoCAD team announces the launch of nanoCAD 23, a new upgraded version of the nanoCAD platform. With the help of valuable feedback from our users, the development team has worked hard to increase the software performance, improve commands and introduce a wide range of new exciting features and enhancements that will allow CAD professionals to work more efficiently and effectively on their design projects across industries like construction, architecture, design, surveying, and engineering.

"nanoCAD 23 is a significant milestone for us as a team. We have worked tirelessly to bring the best features and improvements to our CAD community, and we are confident that users will be thrilled with the new additions," said Frode Rødland, CEO of Nanosoft AS.

What's new in nanoCAD 23:
  • Batch File Processing
  • New Visual Styles and Visual Styles Editor
  • Viewport Data Integrity Audit 
  • Arc Text Command
  • Layer Options in the Drawing Explorer
  • Multiline Text Editing Restart Mode
  • Precision Control
  • Bounding Prism by Selection
  • UCS by 3D Object Face
  • IFC Import
  • Model Rotation with the Mouse Wheel
  • 3D Knot and Vertex Snaps to Spline
  • Select Group Command Button
  • Improved Search in the Interface Settings Window
  • Multiple xrefs Insertion
  • External References Highlights
  • Updated Import of Point Clouds
Learn more about all the improvements of nanoCAD Platform in the What’s New in nanoCAD 23 section.

New functionality was also introduced to the professional modules. Users will see the updates in 3D Solid Modeling, Construction, Mechanica and Topoplan modules.

New in the 3D Solid Modeling Module:

  • Flanging (a new command to display 3D history)
  • Presspull Command Upgrade (now it can move part of a selected face)
  • Updated Extrusion
  • Face Alignment
  • Stretching by Sections
  • Parameters Manager
  • Color Edit of Lines and Text of Dimensional Constraints

Learn more about all the improvements of the 3D Modeling module in the What’s New in nanoCAD 3D Solid Modeling 23 section.

New in the Topoplan Module:

  • New Topoplan Command
  • Recalculation of Coordinates
  • Mesh Simplification
  • 3D Slope
  • 3D Polyline Offset
  • Coloring Elevation Legend
  • Topographic Hatches
  • New Grips of Geopoints
  • Points Conversion
  • Label and Marker Styles of Geopoints
  • User-Defined Properties of Geopoints
  • Improved Import of Geopoints
  • Upgraded Data Typing
  • KML/KMZ Import
  • Precise Shape of Layout Frames
Learn more about all the improvements of the Topoplan module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Topoplan 23 section.

New in the Mechanica Module:

  • New Features for 3D Design of Assembly Units
  • Document Properties Window
  • Assembly Unit Properties Window
  • Specification by 3D Model
  • Multiple Selection of Closed Contours (sketch areas)
  • The Flange Sheet Modeling Command

Learn more about all the improvements of the Mechanica module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Mechanica 23 section.

New in the Construction Module:
  • BFC
  • Library
  • Other corrections
Learn more about the improvements of the Construction module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Construction 23 section.


As of today, nanoCAD 23 can be purchased online. You are also able to download a trial version on our website.
All nanoCAD users with valid paid subscriptions are eligible for a free upgrade to nanoCAD 23. Log in to your personal account to download nanoCAD 23 and get a new serial number. Current subscription terms apply.

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