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New level of design

  1. Who can use nanoCAD Construction?

    nanoCAD Construction is developed especially for construction engineers and drafters, providing them with opportunities in the field of automation of design as well as construction work in various areas of the AEC industry. When designers using nanoCAD Construction, they avoid tedious routines and repetitive manual tasks normally required to get the job done.

  1. nanoCAD Construction advantages

    nanoCAD Construction is an excellent for preparation of construction drawings in accordance with norms and regulations. nanoCAD is intuitively simple and doesn’t require additional time for training. You can start working once you’ve installed the software. An engineer using nanoCAD Construction is fully focused on design tasks rather than control of different primitives and enforcement of standard conformity.

  1. Parametric design elements

    nanoCAD Construction objects use strict rules based on drafting requirements for the design element of a particular type. These rules are called object’s behavior and it automates routine operations of object editing and drawing correction, as well as enhances entire drawing completeness.

    Every nanoCAD Construction object is fully parametric. That means that all primitives (like notches, lines, text) that make up drawing design object have their parameters influencing their view and geometric configuration. These parameters could influence all design elements or specific instances.

    nanoCAD Construction is a perfect tool to ensure accordance of drawing for organization’s internal drafting standard. For example it can enforce using of preferred layer names, text styles, dimension styles.

  1. No need to reinvent a wheel with Library of objects

    Library of parametric objects is preinstalled with nanoCAD Construction. It includes standard parts and templates, ready to drag and drop into your drawing:

    • Concrete foundations, beams and columns;
    • Steel profiles (ISO, IS, DIN, GOST);
    • Fasteners (ISO, DIN, IS, CSN, PN/M, GOST);
    • Wall, windows, doors templates;
    • Drawing borders and title blocks.

    Every parametric object have its table of type-sizes, graphics and behavior on the drawing. The database is open and can be edited with an internal tool called MechWizard. This tool is used to create or modify parametric objects.

    Any organization can install an MS SQL Server database engine to provide access for all users to a central-managed database.

  1. Tables and reports

    Standard-defined table forms are included in nanoCAD Construction database, but internal table editor is a very powerful tool to create tables of any complexity. 

    nanoCAD Construction can convert TBL, DAT, MDB, XLS/XLSX. CSV, ACCDB, TXT, XML, SXC and ODS files to tables or even recognize table made from primitives.

    Table reports are used to create lists and specifications from the drawing objects’ data. For example, an explication can directly be created using rooms placed on the drawing. Table report can use data obtained from primitives, architectural objects, drawing design elements, nanoCAD Construction’ library objects, or blocks with attributes and it is automatically updated if object’s attributes are changed.

System requirements

Operating system:
MS Windows® 10, MS Windows® 8, MS Windows® 7
From 1 GHz, 3 GHz is recommended
From 2 GB, 8 GB or higher is recommended
Hard disk free space:
2 GB or more
Video adapter with OpenGL 2.1 or DirectX 10.1-compatible hardware 3D acceleration, Required resolution: 1280×1024, Recommended resolution: 1920×1080 or higher
Additional hardware:
Mouse or other pointing device
Screen resolution:
Minimum: 1280x1024, recommended 1920x1080 or more
Database support (for Standard Parts Library on network):
Microsoft SQL Server 2005−2014; Microsoft SQL Server 2005−2014 express edition