nanoCAD Plus saves you over $7,000 per seat compared to AutoCAD

nanoCAD Plus saves you over $7,000 per seat compared to AutoCAD

A highly capable CAD program designed for serious users, and priced to change the rules of the game.

AutoCAD® dominates the general-purpose CAD market, with millions of users. But, even though many of those users are happy with AutoCAD's capabilities, a significant number of them are seriously looking for an alternative.

It's all about the money: The full version of AutoCAD—the one that supports customization, and is designed for serious users—is expensive. Add up the initial license cost for AutoCAD, and the annual maintenance subscription cost, and over a period of 10 years (not unreasonable for commercial users), you'll have spent around $9,000—even more if you work in Europe.

For too many users—individuals and businesses alike—this kind of cost is not sustainable, especially for a CAD tool that is often used in processes or workflows with tight budgets. AutoCAD's outsized cost results in unintended consequences: Many users get stuck using older versions, for lack of budget to upgrade. Some users justify installing a few “extra” copies, and put themselves and their companies in danger of being audited and sued by the BSA (Business Software Alliance: the anti-piracy organization that represents many major software vendors, including Autodesk.) Those who are more fastidious about legalities often limp-along with too few copies of AutoCAD to get the job done, or make due with the lower cost AutoCAD-LT, even though it has limited capabilities, and isn't as productive as the full version of AutoCAD.

Nanosoft provides a solution

The founders of Nanosoft have long experience in the CAD business, and recognized, a number of years ago, that there was a need for a high-quality AutoCAD alternative, designed not only to meet the needs of serious users, but also priced low enough to change the economics of CAD for users. Thus was born nanoCAD.

The fifth major version of nanoCAD Plus became available in October 2013. It is a professional-grade CAD program that works very much like AutoCAD, natively reads and writes AutoCAD compatible DWG format files (both current and older versions), and is fully customizable using AutoCAD-style application programming interfaces (APIs). It is a fast, lightweight, and capable alternative, optimized for the real-world needs of experienced AutoCAD users and developers.

Unlike AutoCAD, nanoCAD Plus requires no big up-front license fee, nor does it demand any big downstream update fees. It is sold via a simple annual subscription, at only $180/year, including priority support, bug fixes, and updates. (This is not the price for a crippled version. It is for the full-function version. The only extra-charge option is support for floating network licensing, which adds $40 per seat.)

Consider these cost comparisons:
  • A single seat of nanoCAD Plus will save you $7,000 compared to a single seat of AutoCAD (based on a 10 year use period, including subscription.)
  • You can buy 5 seats of nanoCAD Plus for what it would cost you to buy a single seat of AutoCAD, and the initial cost of those 5 seats would still be more than $3,000 less than the initial cost of the single seat of AutoCAD.
  • If you consider only initial costs, you can get 25 seats of nanoCAD Plus for what you'd pay for a single seat of AutoCAD. 
  • Two seats of nanoCAD Plus cost less than the annual subscription cost for a single seat of AutoCAD. For many organizations, replacing existing AutoCAD seats with nanoCAD Plus results in an immediate cost savings.
  • Unlike AutoCAD, there are no penalties for not renewing a nanoCAD Plus subscription. If you let a subscription lapse, and renew it months late, the cost is the same.
  • With nanoCAD Plus, it's practical and affordable to provide copies for every engineer and designer—or even every employee—in an organization.
  • Because nanoCAD Plus works like AutoCAD, transition costs are minimized.
nanoCAD Plus couples the capabilities demanded by serious users with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the CAD industry. For many users, it changes the economics of CAD.

About Nanosoft

Nanosoft is a community of CAD professionals. Our team consists of people who have been working in the CAD software industry for years—many since the 1980s. We are focused on the creation of high-quality cost-effective CAD solutions. An important goal for us is to provide our customers with an ideal vehicle to upgrade from the use of unlicensed (pirated) CAD software to the use of legitimate software.

nanoCAD Plus can be downloaded on the web, from

Evan Yares
Nanosoft America

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