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nanoCAD Plus 8 new features

nanoCAD Plus 8 released. Keep it fresh!

nanoCAD Plus: The power of nanoCAD, plus even more.

If CAD is an important part of what you do, nanoCAD Plus is the right choice. Whether you need hundreds of CAD seats for your organization, or just one for your home office, nanoCAD Plus offers an unbeatable combination of cost, capacity, capability, and quality.
New version nanoCAD Plus 8 includes new features and improvements over its predecessor. It is available as 32-bit and as native 64-bit versions. Read more about nanoCAD Plus 8 

7 reasons to choose nanoCAD Plus:

Unbeatable TCO

We've completely changed the economics of CAD. With nanoCAD Plus, there are no high-priced software license fees or extortionate annual maintenance and support fees. We offer it under a simple all-inclusive subscription program, priced at $180 per year ($220 if you'd like a floating network license.) That's all. No gotchas, and no games. Just the lowest total cost of ownership in the CAD industry. Purchase nanoCAD Plus subscription now.

Professional grade

nanoCAD Plus is a serious CAD program. It's fast, reliable, and is designed for productivity. It runs on your computer (not on the internet), so you are in control of your data. It's compatible with all major CAD programs, using Teigha®—the standard for DWG (*.dwg) compatibility used by hundreds of software developers, and millions of users. And it's massively customizable, with multiple high-quality APIs.

Advanced features

nanoCAD already includes a massive number of advanced features. nanoCAD Plus includes even more, starting with productivity tools, such as advanced layer management, batch plotting, and PDF printing, and continuing on to high-end capabilities, such as hybrid raster/vector editing tools. And there is even more to come in the future.

Priority support and updates

Whether you use CAD as part of your livelihood, or as part of your recreation, it's important to know that, when you need answers, you can get them. Customers with valid nanoCAD Plus subscriptions are entitled to have Priority Support provided via email, our help-desk and online via Skype. Of course they also can visit the Nanosoft forum. And the people who handle our tech support are pros, who can handle even tough questions. 
nanoCAD Plus subscriptions also include updates — giving you priority access to bug-fixes, and all major and minor product updates.

No headaches management

We make it easy for you to keep track of your nanoCAD Plus licenses. You can choose either standalone workstation or floating network licensing, and we even provide free network license server software. Plus, you can track your licenses on your "my account" page at, and even download printable license certificates, on demand, if you ever need to run a software audit.

CAD for everyone

If the upfront and recurring costs of your current CAD software are so high that you need a spreadsheet to figure out how many copies you can afford, it's time to upgrade to nanoCAD Plus. The annual subscription price for nanoCAD Plus is so low that you can afford to make it available throughout your organization—to engineers, designers, and anyone else who might need to create, edit, view, share, or print CAD drawings. Want to start using nanoCAD Plus on your computer? Click the 'Download nanoCAD' button above and choose ‘Try nanoCAD Plus’! 


We are CAD professionals, with deep experience in CAD application development. We are focused on serving the needs of serious CAD users, who need high-quality no-nonsense tools that help them get their work done better, faster, and cheaper. While it might seem paradoxical, it is because we've taken the time to build nanoCAD Plus right, from the very start, that we're able to offer it at a compelling price point, and even include high-quality direct support. You'll enjoy working with us.

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*nanoCAD and nanoCAD Plus are designed for Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10).