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nanoCAD Mechanica

nanoCAD  Mechnica

What is nanoCAD Mechanica?

nanoCAD Mechanica is a standalone 2D drafting and design application with a large library of standard parts and tools designed to help automate design tasks and for mechanical drawings creation. It is based on MuliCAD engine, available for memebers of the nanoCAD Developers Club via MulitiCAD API and MuliCAD.NET API. At the first glance nanoCAD Mechanica is a nanoCAD accompanied with a large toolset squeezed into one menu 'Mechanica'. Don't fool yourself, the product is really big and powerful. When you install it take a look on the User Guide. It is more than 900 pages long. So take it serious. You will need to use the User's Guide and help to understand how to work with the product.

nanoCAD Mechanica 5.4 

In the heart of nanoCAD Mechanica is an industry accepted parametric design engine working on top of a nanoCAD CAD platform. nanoCAD Mechanica offers automation of routine work while strictly adhering to corporate and market standards; thus leaving the design engineers to concentrate on the creative part of new designs and solutions.
nanoCAD Mechanica will help you create innovative designs, reduce errors and save time.

Who can use nanoCAD Mechanica?

nanoCAD Mechanica is developed especially for mechanical engineers, designers and drafters, providing them with opportunities in the field of automation of design as well as construction work in various areas of the manufacturing industry. When designers create mechanical designs using nanoCAD Mechanica, they avoid tedious routines and repetitive manual tasks normally required to get the job done.
nanoCAD Mechanica helps designers accelerate design, decrease development time and deliver their products to market - faster!

Increase Your Productivity With nanoCAD Mechanica!

Save time with a comprehensive user-expandable library of mechanical parts (gearboxes, shafts, pneumatics and hydraulics pipes etc.) with embedded parametric links supporting international drafting standards (ISO, DIN and others).

nanoCAD Mechanica provides a powerful tool that automatically changes all linked parts if you change one of them; this improves the quality of the mechanical drafting process. nanoCAD Mechanica provides automatic connection of fittings with pipeline elements. Element size and placement coordinates are automatically detected. The software enables you to create Fastening and Rivet connections in minimum time. Even more, nanoCAD Mechanica enables you to perform all engineering calculations quickly and easily. Plus, there is a number of drawing design symbols (leaders, surface textures, tolerances, dimensions, views, sections, welding and etc.) for all practical tasks and purposes.

In addition, drafting tools include automated generation of Part list, with a flexible and intuitive control of structure and content.

nanoCAD Mechanica Highlights

Extended list of supported standards:

It includes: ISO, GOST (Russia), GB (Great Britain), IS (India), NF (France)

Design tools:

  • Construction lines
  • Rectangular, circular and mixed arrays with ability to fill contour
  • Text attributes usage in drafting commands and in library parts for automatic property filling.
Shafts design:
  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Bearing Assembly templates. They are a group of parts linked by parametric relations and assembly constrains. Geometry and parameter values of individual parts in the template are depend upon their basic values, dimensions of connected parts and results of calculations (e.g. gears parameters)
  • Gaskets
  • Covers
  • Cuts and thrust rings.
Library of ISO-compliant parts and assemblies:
  • Fasteners
  • Springs
  • Shafts and Bearing assemblies
  • Profiles
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Piping Parts
  • Evolvents.
Gearing design:
  • Unique technology for cylindrical and conic gears design with optimization of their parameters in-place during the drawing process. Included is a full report with calculation formulas and standard references used in the design.
Pneumatics and hydraulics piping design tools:
  • Automatic connection of fittings with pipeline element
  • Automatic detection of element size and placement coordinates
  • Associated links of elements according to their description in the database
  • Automatic placement of fittings in the selected position on the pipeline.
Preparations of drawings:
  • Auto-sorting of denotations; cross-reference parts of the text in the technical conditions with its graphic representation in the drawing; sheet auto numbering for formats; automatic update of tables directly connected with the objects from the drawing
  • Universal tables; fast creation and editing of tables in Excel style; insertion of graphic objects into the cell; attaching object's attributes to the table cell; usage of arithmetic expressions for the selected cell; automatic update of the table cells; import/export to the Excel; support of special symbols, indexes and fractions
  • Technical conditions and technical requirements
  • Drawing title and borders
  • Dimensions
  • Tolerances of forms and plane positions
  • Marking and gradient symbols
  • Surface textures
  • Welding
  • Views, cuts and sections
  • Hole groups, centerlines and breaks. Special arrays
  • Leader notes and markers
  • Comb leader notes
  • Positions and part lists.
Import of information about plated circuit from Orcad and P-CAD in IDF format:
  • Import of plated circuit's geometry
  • Settings of imported details.
  • Calculation manager
  • Calculation of Cylindrical and Conic Gears parameters, Shafts, Bearing assemblies, Fasteners
  • Tension and compression Spring calculation
  • Results of calculations are presented by Reports. These automatically generated Reports include all calculation formulas and ISO references
  • Beam calculation.
Part list:
  • Automatic part list
  • Creation of custom part list.
Everything you need from drafting to advanced parametric design is in the nanoCAD Mechanica. Nearly 3000 parts are already in the Parts Library. Everything is supported by several national standards, shrink-wrapped and ready to go in one single solution.