The best free CAD ever. Most common drafting features.
Over 1 000 000 downloads worldwide.

Current version:
nanoCAD 5.0 build 2006. Released: October 27, 2013

nanoCAD Plus
Professional grade CAD with with unbeatable TCO. 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Priority technical support.

Current versions:
nanoCAD Plus 8.5 32bit build 4129. Released: January, 22, 2018
nanoCAD Plus 8.5 64bit build 4129. Released: January, 22, 2018

Download nanoCAD Plus 32Download nanoCAD Plus x64

nanoCAD Pro
Professional grade CAD with 3D parametrical solids. 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Priority technical support.

Current versions:
nanoCAD Pro 8.0 32bit build 3507. Released: January, 26, 2017
nanoCAD Pro 8.0 64bit build 3507. Released: January, 26, 2017

Download nanoCAD Pro 32Download nanoCAD Pro x64

nanoCAD Mechanica
Standalone 2D drafting and design application with a large library of standard parts and tools to automate design tasks for mechanical drawings creation.

Current version:
nanoCAD Mechanica 6.1 32bit build 2232. Released: Feb, 16, 2017

nanoCAD Construction
It provides automation of routine operations of AEC drafting through the use of parametric objects and libraries of graphical elements.

Current versions:
nanoCAD Construction 6.0 32bit build 468.Released: 2016

nanoCAD ConstructionSite
It that allows easily develop a construction site plan and simplifies the planning and organisation of the construction process.

Current versions:
nanoCAD ConstructionSite 5.0 32bit build 469.Released: 2016

nanoCAD 3DScan
It analyzes and processes large amounts of 3D scanning data (LIDAR) e.g. point clouds.

Current versions:
nanoCAD 3DScan 1.0 64bit build 3609. Released: 2017

4 easy steps to install and register nanoCAD

nanoCAD is free to use and share for individual and commercial purposes. nanoCAD Plus is priced to reflect budget reality. try it.
It is not at all difficult to install nanoCAD or nanoCAD Plus:
  • Step 1. The first click. Click the Download nanoCAD or Try nanoCAD Plus 32bit or 64 button, according to the version you want to get, then enter your name and email address.
  • Step 2. Check your email. You will receive 2 emails from The first one contains a desired nanoCAD version download link, and the second one contains your login, password and nanoCAD serial number. Click the download link in the first email to begin downloading nanoCAD.
  • Step 3. Installation. Begin installation by running the package you have downloaded. Enter the product serial number when prompted.
  • Step 4. Registration and activation. You should register and activate nanoCAD to use it without limitations. To do this, run the Registration Wizard program, either at the end of the setup process, or when you start nanoCAD. Registration and activation are free for nanoCAD, while both 32bit and 64bit versions of nanoCAD Plus are free to try and you can purchase subscriptions for them at
  • If you ever forget your serial number, you can find it on the website, using the login and password you received by email.

Problems with download, serial number, installation? Ask our support immediately:

Obsolete versions

Version: nanoCAD 4.5 32bit build 1636
Released: March 18, 2013
Download exe
Download zip

Version: nanoCAD 3.5 bit build 1510
Released:  March 6, 2012
Download exe
Download zip
nanoCAD Plus
Version: nanoCAD Plus 6.0 32bit build 2436
Released: August, 12, 2014
Download exe / Download zip
Version: nanoCAD Plus 6.0 64bit build 2437
Released: September, 15, 2014
Download exe / Download zip

Version: nanoCAD Plus 5.0 32 bit build 2000          
Released: October 27, 2013
Download exe / Download zip

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