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Native .dwg

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nanoCAD supports the industry-standard DWG (.dwg) format, used by AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, and literally hundreds of other CAD applications. But nanoCAD goes beyond mere support; it was designed from the beginning to use DWG natively, with no translation or conversion required. nanoCAD supports even complex DWG objects, such as custom or proxy objects.

Once drawings are created or edited in nanoCAD, they can be used in any other popular CAD system, without translation or data loss. nanoCAD's support for multiple versions of the DWG format enables you to cooperate and collaborate with other teams and partners, no matter what brand or version of CAD software they use. And, because nanoCAD is totally free, your collaborators can install it on their computers too, with no worries about cost.

Because of its high-quality DWG support, nanoCAD is an ideal adjunct for users of advanced 3D solid modeling CAD systems. These systems, including advanced systems used for automotive, aerospace, and defense applications, almost always support reading and writing DWG format files—but all too often, are touchy, and require that DWG files be modified or cleaned up before they can be used. nanoCAD's comprehensive toolset, including its Audit, Recover, and Purge commands, makes this process quick and easy.