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nanoCAD Pro 8

nanoCAD  Pro for professionals

nanoCAD Pro: One step ahead of nanoCAD Plus.

If 3D modelling is an important part of what you do, nanoCAD Pro is the right choice. Whether you need hundreds of CAD seats for your organization, or just one for your home office, nanoCAD Pro offers an unbeatable combination of cost, capacity, capability, and quality.
nanoCAD Pro 7 includes new features and improvements over nanoCAD Plus. It is available as 32-bit and as native 64-bit versions.

2D constraints

Set constraints and relations on objects in the drawing and control your drawings via parameters

nanoCAD  Pro for professionals 
It is possible to set relations between objects in the drawings and constraints on their parameters: coaxis, fixed dimension, parallel, tangent etc Thus you can create 'living' drawing, which is possible to change according to rules you previously set.

Parameter Manager allows you to link dimensions and constraints by means of mathematic equations. Just change the numeric values, and the drawing will be dynamically changed in accordance with predetermined rules.

3D solid modelling

nanoCAD Pro gives you Feature-Based Modeling tool for 3D solid modelling.

nanoCAD  Pro for professionals 
When you work in a 3D design environment there is a special window 3d History containing a Construction tree representing a history of model creation.
Construction tree is a sequence of features (actions) that create the model. 3d History is a nanoCAD Inspector window with a certain set of tools.

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*nanoCAD, nanoCAD Plus and nanoCAD Pro are designed for Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).