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Autocomplete mode and settings of the right button

nanoCAD has a very common approach to the CAD user interface. It offers typical command set, elements of the user interface appearance as any other design and drafting CAD solution. How to use it efficiently? Read more-->

First steps into nanoCAD’s programming world

nanoCAD provides several types of API for CAD application development. In order to build utilities and small application you can use scripts based on ActiveX Automation (JScript and VBScript). We will show how it works by creating a small application, which interacts with the user through the command line and draws lines on nanoCAD’s drawing space. Based on this example you can create your own application. Read more-->

How to register your command in nanoCAD

Recent articles continue the series of publications related to programming in nanoCAD. It is time to learn how to set a command to your script and include it into nanoCAD’s interface (menu item, button on the toolbar and key combination).  Read more-->

Your move .NET, or Reversi for nanoCAD

nanoCAD 3.5 has an open API, it is a cool feature. I'm going to tell you how to use nanoCAD API in this article.
I'm not a professional programmer... But as you know, the best way to study something is to make it. I have decided to write Reversi game for nanoCAD in .NET.
The result is a CAD Reversi application, able to work not only in nanoCAD. It is a sort of 'cross-platform' development if your 'platform' is a CAD program capable to load .NET applications, such as nanoCAD, AutoCAD etc.  Read more-->

nanoCAD Plus saves you over $7,000 per seat compared to AutoCAD

A highly capable CAD program designed for serious users, and priced to change the rules of the game. Unlike AutoCAD, nanoCAD Plus requires no big up-front license fee, nor does it demand any big downstream update fees. It is sold via a simple annual subscription, at only $180/year, including priority support, bug fixes, and updates.  Read more-->

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