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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can nanoCAD be used for commercial, educational and other purposes for free?

Yes. nanoCAD is free software. There are no catches, gotchas, or tricks. If you install it without registering and activating it, you may only use it for educational and evaluation purposes. But, once you have registered and activated it, you may use it for commercial, professional, for-profit, or non-profit purposes, as an individual or a business. Registration and activation are free and you will be granted a one-year renewable license for nanoCAD.


What is the difference between Workstation and Network nanoCAD Plus subscriptions?

  • nanoCAD Plus with a Workstation Subscription can be used on a single computer only. License can’t be transferred.
  • nanoCAD Plus with a Network Subscription can be used on any computer on the local network. It requires an installation of the License Server (supplied). Read this: How to Activate Network License.  


How do I register and activate nanoCAD?

See detailed instructions on how to install and register nanoCAD.

Why should I register nanoCAD?

Registration and activation are not required to run nanoCAD. If not activated, nanoCAD will run in Demonstration mode. In this mode nanoCAD is fully functional, but a “Demo version” watermark will stamp will appear on any prints you make. Under the terms of the software license, when running nanoCAD in Demonstration mode, you may only use it for educational and evaluation purporses.

If you wish to use nanoCAD for commercial, professional, or other purposes, you must register and activate it—at no cost. Once you do this, your copy of nanoCAD will be activated for one year. (You may renew that activation when it expires, or update for free to the newest version of nanoCAD.) More on nanoCAD registration-->.


My nanoCAD license expired. How to renew it?

If you a nanoCAD Plus user
You should renew your subscription. Go to the to purchase it.

If you a user of free nanoCAD
Consider updating to the new version of the nanoCAD as a preferable option. New version of the nanoCAD has more features, is more stable, and is a recommended update. And it's free.
To get new version of the nanoCAD, click the 'Download nanoCAD' button. To read more on nanoCAD features-->
If you still want to renew your existing nanoCAD license, you can do it with the Registration Wizard (Under the Windows Start Menu, choose Nanosoft->nanoCAD Eng->Registration Wizard). 

I forgot my password

No problem. There is a 'Forgot password?' link at the a bottom of each page in this web site. Click on it and your password will be sent to you by email.


I forgot my nanoCAD Serial Number

Try to search your email inbox (and junk mail box) first for a message from with subject "[] Your Serial Number, Login and Password". If you can't find it, click here and we'll resend it to you.

Why is nanoCAD free, when similar programs cost a lot of money?

A big part of our business is CAD applications development for various industries. We developed nanoCAD because we needed a high-performance, reliable, compatible, and economical CAD platform on which we could build these applications.

We give nanoCAD away because it makes good sense. It lets our customers stop worrying about how many copies of CAD software they're using, and simply give a copy of nanoCAD to everyone in the company who might need CAD.

Of course, you might wonder how we can stay in business giving software away. Of course, we don't give all our software away.

  • We sell a large number of advanced CAD applications that run on the nanoCAD platform. You may visit to see a list of some of our applications. Many are being updated to support international languages and standards.
  • We partner with other software developers who use nanoCAD as a platform for their CAD applications. (We make building on nanoCAD easy, by providing free membership in the nanoCAD Developers Club.) And,
  • We sell subscriptions to nanoCAD Plus, a premium version of nanoCAD, with a suite of advanced features. A subscription to nanoCAD Plus includes updates, and priority online support, and is very affordably priced. If you want to support our efforts consider to purchase nanoCAD Plus subscription on the


How to allocate more RAM for nanoCAD?

If you want the Windows 32-bit operating system to allocate more RAM for nanoCAD, select the “3Gb” option. Read more in the article:: Enabling 3GB switch on Windows Vista™, Windows 7 or Windows XP.
If you want to forget about memory limitations for your work consider to purchase nanoCAD Plus subscription of a native 64-bit version. It gives you a freedom and it is inexpensive. Visit our nanoStore at


How can I improve productivity with nanoCAD?

Many of the productivity tips that you'll find on the web about AutoCAD also apply to nanoCAD. We recommend using customization, including drawing templates, right-button menus, Autocomplete, and custom scripts and custom commands created with the use of nanoCAD API.