nanoCAD Plus/Pro 10 Beta

Join the nanoCAD Plus/Pro 10 beta-test program, and help us make great CAD software

Every day, the programmers at Nanosoft put their hearts and minds into making nanoCAD a great CAD program. Hundreds of thousands of engineers, designers, and architects around the world count on our software to get their work done, and we're serious about giving them the very best CAD tool for the job.
nanoCAD Plus is a CAD platform using a DWG as its primary format of drawing files. Using nanoCAD Plus, you can work efficiently and do your everyday job with ease. nanoCAD Pro is more advanced version of nanoCAD Plus. nanoCAD Pro gives you Feature-Based Modeling tool for 3D solid modeling with 2D constraints.
We invite you to join our beta-test program, and help us to make a new nanoCAD Plus 10 and nanoCAD Pro 10 an even better programs. You can count on us listening to your opinions, suggestions and bug reports, please send them to or post them in our support forum.

To join:

  1. Register as a beta-tester, and accept the terms and conditions of the “Nanosoft Beta-tester program.”
  2. There is no cost.
  3. Download, install, and use the current nanoCAD beta version software.
  4. Tell us what you think.


Key features of nanoCAD Plus/Pro 10 are: new interface style, support for dwg2018 file format, increased productivity, audit standards, increased plot and much more.

Increased productivity
Upgraded 2D and 3D rendering. New version supports Microsoft DirectX 10 technology, it accelerates the processing time of drawings with text, fillings, blocks, complicated primitives; reduces the size memory usage.

DWG 2018
nanoCAD Plus 10 supports all versions of DWG format including newest dwg2018.

New Interface
New Ribbon Interface:

Switch from Ribbon to Classic interface by “Ribbon” button:

Modified Dark Interface style with new icons:

Tools to manage Views in Model Space
Added semi-transparent interactive tools for manage views and visual styles: locator, views manager.
Locator element serves for quick navigation in 3D space. It represents conditional sweep of a sphere onto a plane:

Manage Views
“Manage Views” tool serves for changing views and visual styles of viewport:

Hide elements:

Audit to custom Standards
STANDARDS command allows to audit drawings to custom standards. Add DWS (Drawing Standard) file or create custom standard to get notification about non-standard elements while opening, saving, printing drawing file. It is possible to fix any violation or stay it intact.

Incremental AutoSave
Incremental autosave accelerates process because it adds only modified data to .autosave file.

Extended support for Dynamic Blocks
Improved processing with Dynamic Blocks: nanoCAD supports tables of properties, manage insertion points, works with dynamic parameters more correctly.

Added new MULTILEADER command. Create and edit multileader object, set multileader styles.

Native .dwg Tables
“Table .dwg” tool allows to create and edit native dwg-tables without conversion to nanoCAD-table. Set table styles, convert nanoCAD tables to .dwg are available now.

Create 3D-Polyline object with 3DPOLY command.

Added new REGION command.

Transparency for Layers
Layers got the Transparency property. Objects with “by layer” transparency inherits this property from the layer belong to.

WMF, EMF and DGN Import
nanoCAD Plus 10 supports import from WMF, EMF, DGN file formats.

A Lot of BugFixes and improvements
More than 700 bugs and comments were fixed in nanoCAD Plus/Pro 10.
nanoCAD Plus/Pro stops supporting of Windows XP. It allows to accelerate work and increase stability of the program.

Nanosoft Beta-tester Program Terms And Conditions
By pressing Download button you will have access to the Nanosoft beta-software on the following conditions:
  1. All beta software is distributed without any warranty. It is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with you.
  2. In no event Nanosoft will be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the program (including but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by you or third parties or a failure of the beta software to operate with any other programs).
  3. You are giving Nanosoft and/or Nanosoft's partners permission to contact you regarding Nanosoft products and services.