Autocomplete mode and settings of the right button

nanoCAD has a very common approach to the CAD user interface. It offers typical command set, elements of the user interface appearance as any other design and drafting CAD solution. At the bottom of a screen you will find a command line. Toolbars are located on either side of the drawing space and to create any drawings you should use a mouse. Such kind of the interface was developed more than 30 years ago and it has become familiar to many users. As a result most drawings are being created on a generic level. To improve efficiency we provided nanoCAD with additional features such as the Autocomplete mode and advanced settings of the right button. Let’s see what it is and how it works.

Fig. 1. Use of the Autocomplete mode in the nanoCAD’s command line

The Autocomplete mode (Fig. 1) helps you to run necessary commands faster. As soon as you have entered several characters on the keyboard you can see a pop up menu with commands that include characters you entered. For example, if you enter “li” , the LIMITS, LINE, LINETYPE and LINM will be displayed in the pop up menu. Any new entered character will reduce a selection of available commands. To select a command from the list use Tab, Up arrow and Down arrow buttons and press Enter to confirm a selection and run the command. To complete the last step more easily you can use the new right button options (Fig. 2).     

Fig. 2. The advanced settings of the right button.

If the right button works as Enter, you will just slightly move your finger, click the button and the command runs immediately. That is why many users assign the Enter function to the right button. Considering that the same operation is used to confirm data (similar to the OK) and to repeat commands, it becomes clear why the right button is very important. But there is one exception: when selecting an object, you could possibly want to copy, move it or modify its properties. It is possible by using a context menu and the right button. The Repeat last command when nothing is selected option is very useful in that way. So if you adjust nanoCAD as shown in fig. 2, your productivity will increase exponentially!
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