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Be a nanoCAD Plus 11 beta-tester

June 3, 2019 - Nanosoft, nanoCAD software vendor, is inviting to the Beta-tester program for nanoCAD Plus 11.

Our developers have worked hard on the new nanoCAD Plus 11 - but we need your feedback to make sure it's the very best tool it can be.

So, please join our beta-test program today.


  •  Increased productivity;
  • Added the feature of Incremental (Partial) Saving;
  • Improvements in the undo-redo functionality;
  • Optimization Performance;
  • Added new commands for working with OLE objects;
  • Added a new way of automation by using Scripts;
  • Added the feature of the Digital Signature;
  • Added a new method of Spline creation;
  • Added new commands into Dimensions menu;
  • Implemented more features with the Printing;
  • Improved work with Layers;
  • Setup under the standards;
  • Improved Snap Logic in 3D Space
  • The “Add Selected” Command Improvement
  • The PELLIPSE Variable
  • Editing of the Region with Its Grips
  • Clearing Invisible Proxy Objects from a Document
  • User Interface Customization and Changes
  • Extended possibilities of materials editing 

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