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nanoCAD 8.5 - New LISP Features

LISP support in nanoCAD has been added long ago and was mainly associated with special LSP command allowing to operate LISP console for input expressions and analyzing variables:

8.5 release is the next important step forward: now you can enter LISP expressions in the command line; besides, PAUSEsymbol support has been added. The advancements covered herein have been added into 8.5 release starting from version 8.5.4131.2629, build 4133.

LISP expressions instead of a command

In case there are no other requests Command:tip prompt will now allow entering LISP expressions. For example::
(min k1 k2),
where k1 and k2 are global variables:

When you press Enter, the system returns the result in the command line. It is also possible executing commands and parametrization entering parameters thereof using the command LISP function. For example, let’s take the RECTANGLE command.

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