nanoCAD Pro 8.5 has been freshly released

March 19, 2018 – The company Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Pro 8.5 release. nanoCAD Pro is an extended version of DWG-compatible CAD application software - nanoCAD Plus.

If 3D modeling is an important part of what you do, nanoCAD Pro is the right choice. nanoCAD Pro delivers full capability of nanoCAD Plus coupled with feature-based 3D solid modeling and parametric design with constraints.

2D Constraints functionality of nanoCAD Pro allows to set constraints and relations in the drawing and control the drawing via parameters.

nanoCAD Pro 8.5 is available to purchase on the web at for only $290 per year per seat, including priority support and updates.

All existing nanoCAD Pro 8 users can download nanoCAD Pro 8.5 from the Download Product Page:

Read more about nanoCAD Pro features --> 

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