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Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Pro 11

nanoCAD Pro 11 Released!

nanoCAD Pro 11 Is Here!

This is the most radical nanoCAD Pro update ever!
3D Solids: In addition to Inventor-style Construction tree model creation nanoCAD Pro 11 adds more traditional for DWG-based CAD 3D solids creation and editing tools.
Import/export of 3D models: The list of supported 3D-formats is greatly expanded. nanoCAD Pro 11 can exchange 3D models with most of engineering CAD.
New Solid Modelling Kernel: C3D kernel by C3D Labs is the foundation of all changes in nanoCAD Pro.

All existing nanoCAD Pro subscribers can download nanoCAD Pro 11 here, get new serial number via personal account and use it according to the existing subscriptions.
nanoCAD Pro 11 can be purchased online.

Yours truly,
Team nanoCAD

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