Video Tutorials

No matter if you are a novice or an expert CAD user, it’s always good to stay tuned with the nanoCAD Platform's capabilities and improve your design workflow. Watch the video lessons below to learn how to work efficiently with nanoCAD and its professional modules.

Lesson 43 - Placing Raster Images in nanoCAD Drawings

You can place raster images, like photographs, in drawings, and then use them as backgrounds or to trace over them.  In this video, you learn how to place them in drawings and then change them:
  • Using the ROpen command to place a raster image file in a drawing
  • Understanding how to select images, and how to turn them off
  • Changing the brightness and contrast of the image
  • Clipping an image to reduce its size and shape
  • Removing clipping boundaries from images, and images from drawings

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