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Meet our Best Beta-testers:

Jeff Miller

"I work as a production coordinator in a medium to large custom welding shop. Our company's owner started Paul's Welding and Repair (now Paul's Welding, Inc. or PWI) back in 1979 as a one-employee custom repair shop. Since then, we have grown immensely. You can also visit our website at
I choose NanoCAD because of its compatibility with AutoCAD drawings, which our sales and engineering team has been using for years. Since our discovery of NanoCAD, we have started using it for new employees as an alternative to AutoCAD, as it is much cheaper and really meets all of our needs."

Claude Froidevaux 

"I‘m a senior engineer, working in development of electronic and automation product at Togatec Sarl (Switzerland). My company is working mostly on industrial electronic development (PCB, servo control, etc.), also a bit of automation, wiring, PLC, and mechanics."

Vitor Cruz 

"I draw electrical schemes for buildings and I work at my own office. I do this since late eighties, first with pens and rulers then I started to use a CAD program at the office where I first worked. When I started working at my own office I remember to purchase a license of another well known vendor which I used in my old computer until someone has told me about nanoCAD when I purchased a new computer. First I started with nanoCAD 5.0 free, but after a short time I decided to migrate to a more complete stuff and I purchased a license for nanoCAD plus. It's a great piece of software indeed!"

We, Team Nanosoft, appreciate their contribution to the nanoCAD Plus 8 and awarded them with nanoCAD Plus licenses.

Yours respectfully, 

Team Nanosoft

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