Want to know more about nanoCAD? Read 'How-to' articles


06 June 2012. Nanosoft, nanoCAD vendor based in Moscow, Russia, is opening 'How-to' pages of its nanocad.com site. There will be small tutorials and articles about nanoCAD user experience, customization and programming.

nanoCAD is a full featured, fast, lightweight and reliable 2D design tool. nanoCAD is free to use and share. Nanosoft is starting to share its knowledge about efficient usage of nanoCAD tools and its tips-and-tricks in dedicated pages of nanocad.com called 'How-to articles'. They are located in the FAQ section of the site.

The first articles are about customization and VBScript programming for nanoCAD.
Want to know more about nanoCAD? Read nanoCAD 'How-to' articles.

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