Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Plus 7


nanoCAD Plus 7 released

Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Plus 7.0, a new version of its DWG-compatible CAD application software. 
nanoCAD Plus 7.0 is designed to utilise full capability of modern computer hardware providing a smooth migration path for existing AutoCAD users at only $180 per year per seat, including priority support and updates ($220 per year for a floating network license), companies can buy as many seats as they need, rather than only as many as they can afford.

All existing nanoCAD Plus 6 users can get download nanoCAD Plus 7 and get new serial number via personal account on and use it according to existing subscriptions.

nanoCAD Plus twins for 32bit and for 64bit can be downloaded and purchased on the web, from

Read full press-release.

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