Be a nanoCAD Plus 6 beta-tester


Join the nanoCAD Plus 6 beta-test program, and earn a dream vacation.

No, we're not going to send you to paradise, just for joining our beta-test program. But, by helping us to make nanoCAD Plus a better program, you'll help make it a even better alternative to AutoCAD. And, by using nanoCAD Plus instead of AutoCAD, you'll save a small fortune. Over a typical lifecycle, we're talking about over $7,000 for a single seat. Whether you spend your savings on the vacation of a lifetime, or just use them to grow your business, you still come out way ahead.
We're excited about nanoCAD Plus 6.0. Our developers have worked hard to make it the kind of CAD tool you need to get your work done effectively and efficiently - but we need your feedback to make sure it's the very best tool it can be.
So, please join our beta-test program today.

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